Managing Symptoms of Tinnitus

People who suffer from tinnitus have a variety of treatment options.

While the medical field has not found a cure, they do have treatments that can help mask the symptoms of tinnitus.

Peoples responses to the available treatments vary depending on the degree of their tinnitus and if the tinnitus is coupled with another problem, such as hearing loss.

Treatments come in different categories, the first of which is noise suppression.

White noise infusion is the most popular treatment for tinnitus. There are several different options with noise suppression.

The first is a hearing aid. This is one of the most common treatment for tinnitus methods, but it is important to understand it does not work for everyone.

Hearing aids will not eliminate the tinnitus. This will hide some of the symptoms.

The way it does this is it allows outside noises to act as a distraction to the buzzing inside of the ears. The next noise suppression treatments are tinnitus maskers. Much like the hearing aids, they work because they offer a distraction.

Tinnitus maskers can fit right inside of the ear. Similar to a hearing aid in appearance, they can combine maskers with hearing aids.

Noise therapy is the final treatment we will discuss.

White noise can be found in sound machines, radios, or CDs. Typically this type of noise suppression is used when someone needs help falling asleep.

The next treatment category is medication. While this is also a popular treatment for tinnitus method, it is not as popular as noise suppression.

There are a handful of medications used to treat tinnitus. Medication can be used, as well as the Xanax. These drugs don t make tinnitus go away, but they can help reduce the symptoms.

It is very important to note, thought, the drugs come with side effects that cannot be ignored. Xanax, for one, can become addictive, which is a very important issue to address.

In addition, the drugs used can cause drowsiness, listlessness, and even heart problems. Before someone uses this type of treatment, they need to weigh the risks with the benefits.

Symptoms of Tinnitus

They dont want to have health issues on top of the tinnitus. Lastly, some treatment for tinnitus methods are based on the individual.

One such example is earwax removal. Cerumen will not help the tiniitus. When that is the case, some of the symptoms can be alleviated through the removal of the earwax.

One other option is the review of chaning medications. There are certain medications that make tinnitus worse.

There are times when taking medications can create more symptoms, and medical advice is required. The quick way to get some relief from the symptoms of tinnitus.

Tinnitus is an uncomfortable ailment to live with, and the treatments for tinnitus that are used can help alleviate some of the most severe symptoms.

People that live with tinnitus have to work to find ways to become more comfortable so they can live healthy and happy lives, despite their affliction.

While each treatment method is not for everyone, the variety of options gives people hope of living in peace.

Tinnitus Symptoms and Other Causes

Have you ever heard a sudden sound that seems to come from the inside of your head? In this case , you have no doubt experienced tinnitus symptoms.

It is almost guaranteed that most people have had a bout of temporary tinnitus at some point in their lives.

The first point to get across is that tinnitus is not a illness or a disease, rather a symptom of some other medical condition that could be related to the ears or some other part of the body.

Tinnitus symptoms can vary from acute to chronic and can be completely devastating to one person and not be a problem to others.

There are three major causes for tinnitus including hearing loss, medication or loud noises.

Hearing Loss: Damage to the cochlea caused by aging, trauma or certain drugs can result in tinnitus symptoms. The theory for why this happens is based on how the brain handles the eye’s blind spot.


With the eye, the brain fills in the blind spot in our vision field to make it the same as the surrounding color field.

It is thought that cochlea damage results in gaps in normal signaling which the brain is forced to make up without sufficient information thus creating tinnitus symptoms.

Ringing in the ears is the number one tinnitus symptoms that many sufferers will report to their doctors. This is normally, but not exclusively, caused by loud noise.

Have you ever left a rock concert or some other event that has subjected you to loud noise for a length of time and noticed that the normal sounds are a bit muffled and there is also a piercing ringing noise in your ears too?

That is an acute form of tinnitus brought on by loud noise.

If you experience plenty of loud noise over along period of time there is a even chance that you ears will become permantly damaged and this means you may also have permanent tinnitus symptoms too.

Medication: Overuse of common aspirin, also called ASA or acetylsalicylic acid, can cause tinnitus symptoms, as can the anti-malarial drug quinine and antibiotics that include aminoglycoside.

Common tinnitus symptoms that many sufferers complain about are buzzing, humming, roaring, whoshing like crashing waves, hissing, clicking and really all forms of unnatural sounding interference in the hearing.

A misaligned jaw and spasms occurring in the ear or throat have been seen to cause the tinnitus symptom of clicking (a clicking like noise that the sufferer hears).

The odd sounds in the ear that match the heart beat or pulse are known as pulsatile tinnitus because they are caused by blood flow in the blood vessels of the middle or inner ear.

Pulsatile tinnitus is thought to be a symptom of thyroid problems. Other conditions that may be related to pulsatile tinnitus are pregnancy and high blood pressure.

Tinnitus Relief and Food

Many people have achieved some symptom control by eating properly, that is why it is critical for conductive hearing loss tinnitus sufferers to eat properly.

First, make sure you get a lot of foods that are rich in magnesium.


Stick with green vegetables to get your magnesium. They are healthy and they are full of magnesium. Fruit is another good choice when you want relief from tinnitus through food. Fruit has a lot of nutrients in it, and that can make you feel better.

Keep fruit around and have some every day.

You also want to eat potassium if you want to lessen your symptoms. Bananas are an excellent source of potassium and they will give you a great deal of relief. If you have tinnitus, you want to eat a banana every day, the potassium will help alleviate your symptoms.

There are also foods you want to avoid.

Watch out for salt.

Whenever you eat a lot of salt, your tinnitus can actually get worse. Some salt is fine, but over-consumption can send your symptoms into overdrive.

It is common for symptoms to be worse after taking in excessive salt. You also want to avoid MSG, it can cause a response that worsens tinnitus.

Many people have complained of having out of control symptoms after eating foods that contained MSG. Avoid food that is low in nutrients. When you have tinnitus, you want nutrients, and if you eat food without them, you run the risk of doing damage.

Foods that have empty calories and no real nutrients need to be avoided.

If something is frozen or processed, it likely does not have the nutrients you need. Going with foods that are fresh and packed with nutrients is the best long term strategy. You are much more likely to keep your symptoms under control if you eat healthy meals.

You need to take care that you are taking in the necessary vitamins.

A lot of people are vitamin deficient, and for the tinnitus sufferer that can make coping with symptoms more difficult. A daily multivitamin is a good idea if your food intake is low in vitamins, so be sure to get a daily multivitamin to help with symptom management.

You need to monitor what you eat when you have tinnitus.

You can manage your symptoms by watching the food you take in. In order to keep the symptoms at bay, you have to stay healthy. The best way to do that is by eating right.

Make sure you get enough of the foods that help people with tinnitus, and make sure you avoid the foods that will hurt you. By doing that, you will not have to deal with as many problems with tinnitus.

Changing the structure of your diet won’t end your tinnitus, but it does make tinnitus easier to manage. If you want less severe tinnitus, be mindful of what you consume. You can be healthy and feel better, but it starts with the food on your plate.